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  • Mar 2019 - 2021
    Team Lead Manager

    Huntington Ingalls Industries USA.
    Job Responsibilities.

    -Maintained 25 F/A-18 fighter aircraft avionics systems for Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23.

    -Coordinated both routine and unscheduled maintenance of 25 H-1 aircraft valued at 38 million dollars each amongst 60 directly subordinate workers.

    -Oversaw the daily performance of avionics systems, including radar, communication, navigation and electronic warfare systems.

    -Provided support various contractor teams to implement experimental and testing systems on various models of F/A-18 aircraft.

    -Trained and supervised 40- 60 junior technicians to increase unit readiness.

    -Inspected maintenance actions as a Team leader.

    -Performed under stressful conditions during Aircraft Carrier flight deck operations and combat deployments.

  • December 2016- Oct 2017
    Lead Engine Test Technician

    Rolls Royce,London, United Kingdom
    Job Responsibilities.

    -Performed validation and verification of aircraft/Jet Engines.

    -Assembled, disassembled and/or modified systems by changing, removing, replacing or upgrading aerospace vehicle components to correct failures or implement changes.

    -Oversaw assembly, disassembly or overhaul.

    -Troubleshot complex electrical systems to isolate faults and repair faulty components.

  • June 2012 - July 2015
    Quality Controls Manager

    Embraer, France.
    Job Responsibilities.

    -Conducts a variety of functional tests to check operation and calibration of test stations, components, equipment and systems.

    -Analyzes circuitry and physically checks wiring and operation of various electronic parts, units and systems components necessary to locate malfunction source during testing of components, equipment or systems.

    -Performs difficult electrical / mechanical repair operations consisting of disassembly and assembly of units. Determines requirements and installs modifications as set forth by Service Bulletin or other authorized documentation.

    -Sets up and operates precision test equipment for alignment, troubleshooting and testing of electrical equipment and systems. Possesses a working knowledge of standard test equipment, oscilloscopes, ohmmeters, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, etc., as well as a working knowledge of custom made test equipment, including automated test equipment.

  • Jan 2008 - Apr 2010
    Project Manager

    RUAG Australia
    Australian Capital Territory Symonston.
    Job Responsibilities.

    Aviation Maintenance/ Avionics Technician: Read and assess key blueprints, schematics, wiring diagrams, and engineering instructions; implement when maintaining and repairing high-level electronic equipment. Trouble-shoot malfunctions and determine best course of action. Test crucial electronic and avionics units using cutting-edge techniques. Organize workspace for optimal efficiency. Evaluate performance of electronic components and report on same. Establish benchmarks for equipment functionality. Ensure that all equipment meets or exceeds highest possible safety and regulatory standards. Repair, maintain, and assemble aircraft systems equipment using pneumatic power tools. Innovate repair techniques, including complex soldering procedures.

    -Monitored, maintained, and repaired over fifty kinds of avionic units (used in 10 different types of aircraft).

    -Achieved fleet qualification on Boeing 737, 757, and MD-80 aircraft.

    -Certified in Teledyne CTS (Common Testing System) automatic test equipment.

    -Utilized comprehensive testing equipment, including Teradyne CTS, Boeing ATS Automatic Test Stands, Fluke and Tektronix O-Scopes, Datatrac 400H Arinc -Reader, Wavetek Sweep Generator, AC/DC power supply tests, and numerous forms of custom-built testing equipment.

    -Guaranteed that all electronic equipment was capable of withstanding high demands of recurring commercial flights.

  • May 2004 - Nov 2006
    Contract Specialist

    Siemens AG, Munich/Berlin.
    Job Responsibilities.

    -Improved maintenance turn-around average from 10 days to 4 days using Continual Process of Improvement.

    -Mentored and trained 15 technicians with 100% promotion rate.

    -Performed over 1000 maintenance actions with zero defects as Quality Assurance Representative.

    -Responsible for 122 aircraft systems and their maintenance actions.

    -Conducted monthly and quarterly reports, analyzing data and presenting information to superiors.

  • August 2000 - Feb 2002
    Quality Assurance Inspector

    Northrop Grumman.
    Job Responsibilities.

    -Supervised late/overnight shift while also performing duties as a quality assurance collateral duty inspector.

    -Coordinated both routine and unscheduled maintenance of 25 H-1 aircraft valued at 38 million dollars each amongst 40 directly subordinate workers.

    -Trained and mentored 10 subordinate Marines to include quarterly evaluations, promotional guidance, and job certification assistance.

    -Administered the equipment licensing program including training, procuring licenses, assisting subordinates in licensing and verifying all are current.

    Coordinated a high volume work load with other supervisors, shops and squadrons to maintain a mission readiness exceeding 85% while maintaining an active flight schedule.

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